Friday, January 25, 2008

quick updates

and I'm experimenting with teh photoes from flickr, since it seems to be quicker than loading them onto this site directly from the computer. Plus I have to load everything to flickr because of Ravelry, so why take two steps, I guess?

My Wisdon Yarns Boston socks, complete. I. Love. Them. Soft and comfy, and warm. I'm terrified to wash them, even though they're supposed to be superwash. I should just buck up and do it, so if they're ruined I can get over the heartbreak quicker. Oh, and I must have the scrawniest legs and feet ever, because I cast on the stereotypical 64 sts and my feet are rattling around in them. Of course, they might not, after the washing!

ETA: they washed up great! I put them on gentle cycle, cold water, and air dried. I. Love. Them. MORE!!!!!!

Also finished, rather quickly:

a quickie hat out of the leftover Filatura di Crosa 501, that I used to make my Road Scarf. With the recent cold snap, I hurried to finish the scarf, which left me 2 balls of yarn. Of course, the hat only took one. So... I still have a ball... maybe I'll do charity socks with it. Whatevs!

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