Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm not just lounging around

I got this dishrag about half done during "Alvin and the Chipmunks", finished when I got home:

I. Love. It. Soooooo easy to do in the dark theatre! Looks great with varigated yarn! Mindless!! LOVE! Gonna try to see if I can get another one off of the same ball of Sugar'n'Cream. I could make it a bit smaller to accomplish this.

And my Yosemite is chugging along. I am somewhat worried that I will run out of yarn, but if my estimations are correct (and they usually are, i r awesum @ estimation) it will be ok.

It's @ 3.5", right at the end of yarnball #3. The piece is 27". mmmmm.... the upper chest won't take a ball an inch, and the shaped waist rows won't take as much, but there are the sleeves and collar to consider. Oh well, I'll just hope that KnitPicks still has my dyelot in 3 weeks (!?) when I get closer to the end.

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