Friday, March 14, 2008


Whew! Here it is in all its 5'X9' glory:

Some closeups of my favorite row sets. I call this one "Slytherin into Buckeye", for the green/grey/scarlett transistion:

And I love the white/purple/blue/copper/burgundy combo here:

This one was repeated 4 or 5 times in the afghan. I love this sequence so much, I'm going to make a vertical stripe scarf with this sequence. I'll do as much as I can with Vanna's Choice... the copper is from her line... but I'll have to get RH supersaver for the blue, Vanna doesn't have one like that. And it's on sale @ Michaels this week.

I've got to go to michaels to pick up some sz 7 circs anyway. I'm going to make Yosemite from Knitty, the yarn is on order, but I don't have the right size circs to start.

I'm debating though... I have the yarn to start a crocheted sweater, but I really want to start Yosemite... but! with my surgery scheduled for a month from now, I've really got to get any crochet I wanna do out of the way. Sooooo, start the crochet sweater? or wait to start the knit sweater??? I dunno.

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