Sunday, January 21, 2007

Another red scarf

I don't have a finished picture of this yet, but it's my 2nd Red Heart Scarf Project scarf. Specs: Lion Wool Ease Red Sprinkles, done on straight 7's, using the "quilted diamond" stitch from my stitch pattern book. I wish I hadn't picked that stitch; I wanted a reversible stitch, but it totally kicked my butt. I screwed it up like 12 times and had to rip back, ugh. And it squinched up, like ribbing. It's supposed to be 8 ins. across but it looks more like 4. Oh well, it's off in the mail this week and not my problem any more!

I've got an extra ball of Red Sprinkle... think I'll make a hat for Dulaan with it. The idea has the Pringle Paw of Approval(tm).

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