Friday, July 18, 2008

kermit was wrong, it's real easy being green!

It all started with a desire to get something my LSG swap partner would like. I went to the warehouse and acquired:

(hmmm, that looks a little fuzzy. well good! don't want swappy partner figuring out what she's getting!) She likes green. Cool. It inspired me to make my next project, a Tunisian crochet scarf, in a greeny colorway. I found some SWTC Bamboo in the Midori colorway:

And as long as I was all the way out to Pickerington, I figured I'd pick up a color of Cashmerino Aran I hadn't seen before:

OK, OK I'll admit it, I was swept up in GREEN FEVER. I mean, dammit, I buy so much purple stuff, surely I should branch out?

So I started planning a Branching Out. Which meant I needed more yarn.

In green.

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awkwardly said...

it's nice to know i started something ... green!