Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not much new to report

except I lost my job (no big deal, right?) I would rant on about it, but I'm pretty much over it. I'm getting 2 more paychecks and actively looking for something else. The best prospect is a part time cataloger, and I hope for my kids' sakes, I get it. I can work while they're at school. Crossing fingers, toes, and all dangling extremities that it works out!

I've finally gotten around to updating my stash also. One of these is a pretty purple sock yarn I got in my Purple Swap, the other is an LSG exclusive from an indie dyer on Rav:

Love 'em muchly. I am SO going to have to get a swift or ballwinder. Or, an office chair and my own hands might work (price is right.)

Also I'm finally knitting/crocheting after a month since my wrist surgery. I'm working on a Waving Lace sock, and starting a dishtowel in P&C Key Lime colorway. I've made a metric buttload of dishrags, I thought I might try something towel sized for a change. Now that I'm UNemplOYED I've got LOADS of time to craft.

Probably the ONLY good thing about being a slacker...Margo is very happy to have me home. She told me today that she doesn't want me to get another job. Mostly 'cuz she hates to be babysat by her aunt (and her boy cousins drive her crazy) but I have to say it's an ego boost to be so loved. I don't deserve such a wonderful daughter ::sniff, sniff::

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