Monday, October 01, 2007

no pix, just yappin'

Mailed off the box to Afghans for Afghans this afternoon, and was told it would arrive in 2 days (!) for a mere $7.50. Box weighed about 13 oz., and filled with: ubercool vest, roll brim hat x 2, and mittens x 2 for 5 items total.

Oh, I suppose I'll have a photo of the red roll brim hat later. I don't feel like messin' with the camera just now. It's such a pain, because I have to load it on the computer, then load it to flickr so I can then LOAD it to my Ravelry project list. By the time I even think about all that loading, I'm out of the notion.

Imagine it, if you will (Picture it! Sicily! 1905!) it's a chunky red yarn with yellow, taupe, and pink highlights. Looks remarkably like this here blue roll brim hat what with it being the same brand of yarn.

Hold up, here's a link to the yarn, it's the red colorway. ooo, i'm likin the "neutrals" colorway, i hope i see that at the local joann's soon....

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